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If you are looking for FAQ related games, please visit FAQ of the official game site.


Q. Can I play all games at GetAmped.com games using GetAmped.com ID?

1)GetAmped.com ID is a common ID to play all games in GetAmped.com.

2)After registeing your ID, you have to activate each game and install the game client which you want to play.

3)Now, you can play the game which you've activated your ID.
However, each game may have IP block for certain area outside of North America.
In that case, although you can ACTIVATE the game, you CANNOT login to the game client.
You can check the game service area at FAQ of the each game's website.

Q. How to activate each game in GetAmped.com?

Please go to 'MY GAMES' and click the game you want to play among 'INACTIVATED GAMES' list to go to the game website.
By click 'GAME START' there, you will see 'Activation of your Account'.
Once you agree with that, the game will be activated.

Q. How to play each game?

Download and install the game client from each game's website.
Then, click the 'GAME START' button on the website.
You can start activated games only.

If you haven't activated the game yet and click 'GAME START' button,
you will see 'Activation of your Account' first and can play after completing the activation.

Q. I have registered at GetAmped.com, activated my account and installed the game client, but cannot login the game.

However, each game may have IP block for certain area outside of North America.
In that case, although you can ACTIVATE the game, you CANNOT login to the game client.
You can check the game service area at FAQ of the each game's website.

Q. I haven't received a confirmation email after registration.

If you were not able to receive your confirmation email because it was blocked by your email provider, kindly re-register using a different email address.
Or there is possiblity that the confirmation email was saved in your spam email box, so please check your spam email box too.
Please make sure to adjust your whitelist settings to accept anything coming from GetAmped.com by allowing info@getamped.com.
If this still does not work, please try creating a new email address using Gmail and re-register using that new email address.
Always make sure that you have typed your email address correctly before clicking on the 'Submit' button.

Q. Can I share an account with friends and family?

The sharing or assigning of accounts is prohibited in the users agreement.
The use of another person's account and password is also prohibited.
If either of the above events should occur, service to the user may be terminated without prior warning.

Q. I forgot my user ID and password. What should I do?

When you register a user ID, we send an e-mail containing your user ID and password information. Please save the e-mail.

In the event you lose your password, please reissue your password by going to 'FORGOT PASSWORD' in GetAmped.com toolbar.

Q. Can I change my user ID or Password?

Yes. You can change your user ID and password in 'MY ACCOUNT' in the support category.

Q. If no reply is received.

We are focused on improving our prompt reply service.

However, if you get no reply from us after one week, please resend the email as it might have been lost due to mail delivery error.

Or, make sure you used the correct email address, or make sure you have enough free space in your Inbox.

Sending email via cell phone may cause problems. Because of the character limit or settings, the response from the support center may be incorrect.

Q. I've found a problem. What should I do?

Please report it to us using our email form.

When you send us an email, please give us specific details: Game name that you play, Game character's condition, location, date, time... etc. Information you entered in the report will help to improve our reserch and development process. Please tell us as detailed as possible.

Please note that we need some time to research and confirm.
The result of your report may be shown on the official website.

Q. What is GetAmped Coin and how to add it?

GetAmped Coin(GA) is a virtual unique currency to be used for purchase of game coin for GetAmped.com's games.
To purchase each game coin, you have to purchase GetAmped Coin first at 'CHARGE'.

Q. Can I use my Credit Card to buy GetAmped Coin?

You can use credit card through PayPal.
CHARGE > PayByCash > PayPal

Q. How do I get GetAmped Coin?

Please click 'CHARGE' to check the payment methods to buy GetAmped Coin.

Q. I have made payment but GetAmped Coin was not added.

Some payment methods such as Bank transfer or Money check take a couple of hours or days to complete the payment and add GetAmped Coin.

When you make a payment, please check each payment's service condition at payment process pages.

If the GetAmped Coin is not added even after the expected time which described in payment service condition,
contact us with detailed information such as your ID, Payment method, Payment date and the amount.

Q. What is Game coin and how to add it?

Game coin is a virtual unique currency to be used in each game.
Each game has their own currency.
You can purchase game coin by using GetAmped Coin or purchase each game's Pre-paid card.
To add game coin, go to 'MY GAMES' and click 'Add game coin' in the 'ACTIVATED GAME' list.

[Example of Game and its Coin Name]
HolyBeast's game coin is D (CyberDollor).

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