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[HBO] [Happy Weekend] Get-Pet Day Event!
Date: 6/4/2009 02:02
Dear HolyBeasts,

Hi this is HolyBeast ONLINE Management Team.

On this weekend, we are planning to hold a [Get-Pet Day] event!


They are a cute monster or animals that would follow you in the game. Below are some cute "pets" that you can get in the game.

Pet also has a level, and when their level gets higher,they could be strong enough to guard you or even attack for you!

If you want to know more about pets, please CLICK HERE

Also after Official Service starts, there would be items for pets and also more...!!

Now here's how this event works:

1. When it is time, there will be many "Babe Wrigglons" all over the place.
But they are not ordinary babies,they have some nice and decent "Sealed Box"
which contains PET inside.

2. GO GET'EM! And if you are lucky, you can get your own "Pet" easy as eating a cake!

So all you have to do is, log in to the game, search for Babe Wrigglons, and defeat them until they are gone!

But be careful, Babe Wrigglons does not like places that are narrow - they do not appear in dungeons and caves, so if you want to participate in this event, go find them where it is wide enough for them!

Sunday, Saturday!

We are looking forward to see you in the event!

We highly appreciate for your continuos support, and we hope you enjoy your HolyBeast life!

HolyBeast ONLINE Management Team